Dwight Knight

In June 1991, the Spirit of God began to move upon the heart of Dwight Knight to leave corporate America and enter full time service. While not fully knowing what that would entail, he answered the call of ministry with a heart for discipling young men in the word of God and the opportunity to see ministry as a career option.

Since that time hundreds of young men have been discipled, thousands of hearts have been won to the Savior, ten of thousands of students around the world the globe have been challenged to live the abundant life reaching their generation with the truth of Jesus Christ; and untold numbers of saints have been encouraged in the word.

Dwight Knight is Co-founder and Executive Director of Challenge Ministries International (CMI). He and his wife, Stephane, are in full-time ministry focusing on discipleship, teaching and counseling. Knight has personally discipled over three hundred men and is discipler to nearly thirty elders in 11 churches in the United States of America and the Caribbean.His busy schedule keeps him traveling nearly three hundred days a year, crisscrossing the United States and several other countries.

Challenge Ministries Board of Directors

Deen Salami
Executive Director
Dwight Knight

Board Members

Andre Carr, Abe Chacko, Darnell Fuller, Kenny Grant, Edmund Henry, Dwight Knight, Sanford McQueen, Deen Salami, Christopher Salley, Myrue Spivey, Shaji Varghese, & John Williams.